Once more I have decided to create a blog. I want to have an online space where I can organize and share my ideas about topics of my interest. Its main purpose is to document different activities that I do, for example, the creation of this very blog.

This blog is created with Nikola this is how you can get started in less than 5 minutes, you can also follow the official Getting started or the Handbook

  1. create virtual environment with python version 3

    mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3 bozica
    python -V                                     # Python 3.4.3
    deactivate                                    # get out of virtualenv
    workon bozica                                 # enter virtualenv
  2. working on bozica virtualenv install nikola python package

    pip install nikola
    pip install webassets
    pip install pygal
    nikola init bozica
  3. answer nikola questions

  4. create post and build

    nikola new_post
  5. give a name to your first post, write it and save it.

    nikola build
  6. finally check out your blog by opening in your browser the address http://localhost:8000/ or typing in the terminal

    nikola serve --browser
  7. create a new theme based on themes and theme bootstrap3 as parent

    nikola bootswatch_theme -n journal_bozica -s journal -p bootstrap3

from this point you can start customizing your blog to get the look that you want to achieve, these are good tutorials about customizing your theme.

  1. upload the content of folder /output to your favorite hosting server and domain and enjoy!


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